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REVEALED: The Secret to Getting Clients Out of Debt In Record Time!

Discover How To Transform YOUR Business From Transaction-based To Relationship-based While Building a Robust Business With Minimum Marketing Effort…

This is not just any software – this is an opportunity to build an enviable business with PREDICTABLE INCOME!

Money Coaches, Mortgage brokers, Debt consultants and Financial Advisors – If you’re passionate about helping your clients get out of debt and stay out of debt, become mortgage free, and accumulate significant retirement income then you need this UNIQUE & PROVEN Debt Elimination Software.

This Debt Elimination Software is more encompassing than what its name suggest. This Software empowers you to personalize financial plans for your clients. The PLAN integrates your clients’ goals, incomes, expenses, liabilities, mortgages, investments and insurance into a comprehensive financial plan to:

  • Achieve life goals
  • Create, implement and maintain a balanced budget
  • Improve cash flow
  • Conduct what-if analysis by exploring various debt elimination and cash flow
  • Improving strategies before implementing them
  • Create and maintain debt elimination plan
  • Create and manage mortgage plan
  • Create significant retirement income and wealth

The RESULT: Your clients will become debt-free in record time and will reward you with a stream of steady new referrals. They will become your raving fans – the best of what marketing dollars can buy.

Here’s an idea of what you can expect:

Check bullet Create a winning customer value proposition

Check bullet Become part of your clients’ financial success

Check bullet Transform your clients into raving fans and your best referral sources

InCheck bulletcrease referrals

Check bullet Gain an edge on the competition

Check bullet Grow your business by improving your closing ratios, and your revenue

Check bullet

Attract new clients

Check bullet

Improve client retention and loyalty

Check bullet

Build a fence around your clients

And much, much more!

 What is the most promising about this business opportunity?

This Debt Elimination Software is the ideal solution for you to transform your business from transaction-based to relationship-based.

Here is the glue…debt

• You will be in position to personalize your clients’ plans
• Deliver your clients’ plan so they can manage their own plans online
Schedule Plan reviews without leaving the comfort of your office
• Support your client’s success with their plans
• Create an unbreakable loyalty with your clients

All these are done through a proxy from your clients’ to access their Money Coach Client accounts. All these are done automatically through a click of button.

Imagine being part of your clients’ success!

Make no mistake, this Debt Elimination Software could transform your practice within weeks. Even if all you do is apply a couple of the strategies – we guarantee you’ll acquire new clients within a month.

Whether you’re a Money Coach, Mortgage broker, Debt consultant or Financial Advisor, getting started with your new Unique Debt Elimination Software is easy.

Now you know the the SECRETS of building a THRIVING and very PROFITABLE mortgage and debt elimination business.

What our Professionals are Saying

If we did not convince you, maybe a few words from our customers will!

By offering Debt Elimination Software, I was able to put 3 new clients on a plan of debt recovery. Just by rearranging one couple's cashflow, (...)

Jeffrey Thomas
Jeffrey Thomas
3 New Clients in the first month

With this software, George showed us how to apply a few strategies that helped us reduce a 12 year amortization down to 7 for a single mother (...)

Stelios Andropolis – Mortgage Broker
Stelios Andropolis – Mortgage Broker
5-Year reduction in amortization.

After the last recession in the US, our firm had been looking for a solution to help clients get out of debt faster, to acquire more capital (...)

Donna Woods – Financial Planner
Donna Woods – Financial Planner
big impact on their bottom line


This Unique Debt Elimination Software is your SUCCESSFUL GROWTH FORMULA.

Big payoffs await you!

Go ahead and test drive what this UNIQUE and PROVEN Debt Elimination Software can do for you! —

It’s free, it’s no-obligation.

Click here to begin your 30-day FREE Test Drive.


To your success.


George Kaadi
CEO and Co-founder
B.G.W Money Coach Masters Ltd.