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What is Debt Elimination Software and how does it work?

It is truly a “Debt Elimination Software” like no other.

Interest rate debt reduction softwareThe Debt Elimination Software is a unique and powerful cloud-base debt elimination and mortgage planning system used by Money Coaches, Mortgage Brokers, Debt Consultants and Financial Advisors to personalize detailed financial plans for their clients. It uses underwriting guidelines you are familiar with. 

The interaction with your individual client starts with an application and end up with a comprehensive plan that you could implement online or offline.
 You can:

  • Take your clients’ applications the same way you normally do
  • Or Invite your clients to become users of the Money Coach Client application. They will enter their data and give you a proxy to access their data through a secure channel.

The Debt Elimination Software has many features. Here at a glance, the most important one:

  • Brand your business
  • Data capture: personal data and business data (if self-employed)
  • Set Goals and conduct goals impact analysis
  • Create a Balanced budget
  • Consumer debt elimination Wizard
  • Mortgage planning Wizard
  • Conduct What-if analysis
  • Create wealth
  • Personalize clients financial plans: Summary and Detailed plans
  • Exchange and implement your clients’ plan online
  • Schedule plans reviews with your clients online anytime anywhere

You can give your clients the summary plan free to entice them to do business with you.
You are free to charge a fee for personalizing, implementing and monitoring the detailed plan – we don’t dictate what you can or can’t charge for your service.

The RESULTYou can support your clients better and nurture strong relationships which will improve your clients’ loyalty and earn the right to ask for qualified leads.

Imagine a crowd of people wanting and waiting to do business with you – they want your Unique Value. But you need this UNIQUE Debt Elimination Software to deliver this WOW value.

If you serious about transforming your business from transaction-base to relationship base and becoming the “GO TO” debt elimination expert, you are one step away from getting started, test drive this.

Get a One Month Test Drive Here — it’s free, it’s no-obligation.

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