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About Us

Debt-elimination-interest-rate-reducing-software-buildingB.G.W Money Coach Masters is a leader in the money coaching industry. B.G.W is on a mission to train and certify Money Coaches globally and give them the Unique and Proven software to deliver their unique services to their clients anytime anywhere.

B.G.W now provides its cloud-base “Debt Elimination Software” as well as its core experience, knowledge and expertise to help Money Coaches, Mortgage Brokers, Debt Consultants, and Financial Advisors all over the world transform their businesses from a transaction base to relationship-base businesses, achieve exceptional growth, but without having to face the high cost and time it takes to find a successful growth formula.

Everything we do is created so it requires very little effort and time on your part to get results.

Our members have prospered because we don’t tell them what to do, we simply empower them with knowledge, experience, and the UNIQUE Debt Elimination Software!

We believe (because our members tell us) that we have no equal when it comes to providing the best, most cost-effective, easy-to-implement and proven business growth and marketing strategies for Money Coaches, Mortgage Brokers, Debt Consultants, and Financial Advisors.

So if you too want an EASIER way to propel your business growth and acquire more clients, then the Debt Elimination Software could be for you.

Benefit from our experience.

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P.s: If you are interested in a new rewarding career, check our Money Coach Academy for the opportunity to become a Certified Money Coach.