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Data capture process – makes your data entry easy and seamless

debt restructuring software for mortgage brokersWithout data about your clients, there is little you can do to help them improve their current financial situations. The Debt Elimination Software captures your clients’ data in a speedy and systematic easy to use process. The Software structures the data entry into an application where one or more applicants may be present.

All you have to do is enter the clients’ personal and business record. The software drives the data capture in a step-by-step process. If you omitted any personal or business (if self-employed) data, it is easy to add. The Software helps you capture the details of your applicants. Here is what you would capture:

  • Personal data
  • Employment data
  • Business financial records
  • Cash and bank data
  • Expenses
  • Debt load
  • Properties and associated mortgages
  • Insurance
  • Investments

Once you have captured the data you can explore your clients’ available options to turn things around or improve their current situations. You can only explore these options if you are a user of the Debt Elimination Software.
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