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Conduct What-if Analysis

debt reduction variable strategies mortgage brokersThe Debt Elimination Software uses the clients’ goals, incomes, expenses, debts, mortgages to enable you to explore various options your clients may have to improve their financial situations.

The Debt Elimination Software allows you to conduct what-if analysis to assess which strategy makes the most impact on your clients’ finances before implementing your clients’ plans. One or more strategies may help your clients improve or turn around the situation they are in.

The software Allows to analyze:

  • Debts Acceleration Analysis helps you explore the optimum strategies to put an end to the minimum payments trap that most people live in. The software gives you various debt elimination strategies you can implement to eliminate your client’s debt in record time.
  • Mortgages Acceleration Analysis makes use of the client’s financial resources and the mortgage prepayment privileges to analyze your client’s home equity situation and decide which mortgage she may qualify for to accelerate its debt elimination goals.
  • Goals Impact Analysis – You know that nothing in life remains static. People cash flow may experience an increase due to a windfall, receiving a bonus, a pay raise or even an inheritance or a drop due to layoff, business failure or unexpected large bills. These events may have positive and negative impacts on people financial plans. The Debt Elimination Software is the only software in the market today that allows to you to do goals impact analysis, adjust the budget, and re-customize the debt elimination mortgage plan to adapt to the new reality.
  • Situation analysis gives you a snapshot of your client’s current cash flow situation and gives ways to predict the outcome if an increase or a decrease in the cash flow should happen.

These “What-if” analysis features make this Debt Elimination Software unique in the value you can bring to business and your clients. Get a One Month Test Drive Here — it’s free, it’s no-obligation.

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