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Mortgage Planning Wizard

debt strategy software calculator for financial plannersOne of the strengths of the Debt Elimination software is its Mortgage Planning Wizard. Its sole job is to help you manage your clients Home Equity and eliminate their mortgage interest payments. It is obsessed with the concept that “Home equity is be conserved, not consumed”.

The Mortgage Planning Wizard allows you to do “WHAT-IF” analysis on your client’s mortgages and it doesn’t believe in debt consolidation. But if you need to leverage your client’s home equity to improve its financial situation; It helps you structure the new mortgage into a comprehensive financial plan to eliminate your client’s debt and improve their cash flow.

The Debt Elimination software supports the following mortgages types and uses underwriting rules familiar to you:

  • Purchase 1st mortgage
  • Refinance 1st mortgage
  • Refinance 1st mortgage and 2nd mortgage
  • Refinance 2nd mortgage

The Debt Elimination Software makes good use of the mortgage prepayment privileges to support your clients’ becoming completely debt free – including their mortgages in record time

The Debt Elimination Software will make your clients’ debt freedom including their mortgages become a reality in just a few short years!

This is one of many reasons WHY you need to use the debt elimination software.

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